One of its kind in Europe, Huella Verde Entrepreneurship Center offers the village residents the best support they can get to express their creativity and vision.

Thanks to the massive experience and know-how of its mentors, the center aims to accompany the local entrepreneurs in their first steps in the startup world until the execution of their prototype. This professional greenhouse aspires to leverage the skills and enthusiasm of its members in order to develop innovative and eco-friendly products for the benefit of the environment and the people’s good.

By integrating both their spiritual and intellectual forces, the village residents can enhance their ability to communicate and create in one of the most thriving eco-communities this world has to offer, by living, creating and playing in the same place, People from varied nations and cultures can build a tolerant and fruitful future for the next generations.

The village itself, minutes away from Mallorca’s airport, is waiting for you in the heart of the sunny island, surrounded by the inspiring mediterranean fauna and flora, bathing between greeny slopes and ancient olive trees.
Wouldn’t it be great to share your vision and fulfill your dreams with people like you?