“A man strives to be like a bird,
a bird holds the power to rise higher, and higher,
only if the wings flap, continuously.
Once they stop,
the bird falls.
The bird can fly, without a worry.
Its only motive is its freedom.
The bird floats, gliding.
Its Secret – control the surroundings and escape the boundaries” (Israeli poet)

First of its kind in Mallorca, the Huella Verde Bird Park connects people with their natural surroundings. The park will be located within the new settlement covering eight acres of lush woodland and typical fauna and flora which will attract local birds to the park and turn it into an active habitat along with building a nurturing ecosystem for them.

The Park will not only be of interest for bird lovers, but will also attract those who want to experience being an integrant part of nature.

The Bird Park will be located within the new settlement, consisting of 120 homes, where the members of the community are creative people who are willing to live, work and earn a living where they reside.
This community understands the impacts of ‘consumer culture’ on nature and the environment, and demand’s practical solutions for responsible management of the household; appropriate use of water, food and energy.

The houses and buildings themselves will be built ecologically and planned wisely according to local climates; using advanced technologies to create alternative energy sources and grey water treatment systems.

One of the main goals of the community is the education of environmental recognition; to create an affinity with nature and to strengthen the bond with fauna and flora.

The Birding Center will provide an important ecological social enterprise that matches the ‘green way of life’ of the community members.

The Idea

The idea is to restore eight acres of lush woodland; this will attract local birds to the park and turn it into an active habitat along with building a nurturing ecosystem for them.

The park will not only create interest for bird lovers, but will also attract others to experience life together with nature.

To protect endangered species, a small group will be set up with a professional guidance, called “keepers of the garden”. The purpose of this group is to preserve nature through the study of survival and scouting.

On weekends and holidays, a guided tour will be provided that includes a visit in the ringing station, as well as in the observatory where there will be direct projections of footage from the nests in the park.

“Biological Control” Project will be constructed where residents will allow the placing of owl’s ‘nest boxes’ in their back garden, and in the farm land around the village (A couple of owls eat 3,500 rodents and pests per year, thus reducing the use of pesticides).
Each box will be set with a small camera, this camera will be connected to the home computer of the ‘adopting’ family and will conduct a surveillance and record details about the composition of the food the owl traps and its lifestyle.
A collection of data from all the nests in the village will be collected and broadcasted in the park’s observatory (the data is important for research in the long run).

The park sees a value of great importance in the education for environmental involvement.
The bird center is the first model of its kind in Mallorca, which tries to connect between the people and the nature around their home.
The purpose of the park’s activities is to strengthen nature and encourage the preservation and care of the environment to the people of the settlement.

Trees and Plants in the Ecopark


Lat: Ceratonia Siliqua
Eng: Carob Tree
Mall: Garrover
Span: Algarrobo

Lat: Pinus Halepensis
Eng: Aleppo Pine
Mall: Pi Blanc
Span: Pino Carrasco

Lat: Ficus Carica
Eng: Common Fig
Mall: Figuera Borda
Span: Higuera

Lat: Olea Europaea Sylvestris
Eng: Wild Olive
Mall: Ullastre
Span: Acebuche


Lat: Rhamnus Alaternus
Eng: Mediterranean Buckthorn
Mall: Llampúgol
Span: Aladierno

Lat: Pistacia Lentiscus
Eng: Mastic
Mall: Mata
Span: Lentisca

Lat: Pistacia Lentiscus
Eng: Mastic
Mall: Mata
Span: Lentisca


Lat: Urginea Maritima
Eng: Sea Onion
Span: Cebolla Albarran

Lat: Scabiosa Maritima
Eng: Teasel
Span: Bella Dama

Lat: Anthyllus Cytisoides
Span: Albada

Lat: Rosmarinus officinalis
Eng: Rosemary
Span: Romero

Lat: Asphodelus Aestivus
Eng: Summer Asphodel
Span: Gamón Común

Lat: Cistus Albidus
Eng: Rock Rose
Span: Jara Clara

Lat: Cistus Monspeliensis
Eng: Montpellier Cistus
Span: Jaguarzo negro

Lat: Inula viscosa
Eng: Fleabane
Span: Olivarda


Lat: Ophyrs Speculum
Eng: Bee Orchid
Span: Orquídia Abeja

Lat: Ophrys Fusca
Eng: Dark Bea Orchid
Span: Orquídia Abeja Negra

The Reserve Area – Torrent

Lat: Ficus Carica
Eng: Common Fig
Span: Higuera

Lat: Ampelodesmos Mauritanica
Eng: Stramma
Span: Carrizo

Lat: Cyclamen Balearicum
Eng: St. Peter’s Violet
Span: Artanita

Lat: Lonicera Implexa
Eng: Honey suckle
Span: Madre Selva Mediterránea

Natural Plantes that should be in this area and can be planted

Lat: Hedera Helix
Eng: Common Ivy
Span: Hiedra Común

Lat: Ruscus Aculeatus
Eng: Butchers Broom
Span: Acebo Menor

Lat: Smilax Aspera
Eng: Rough Bindweed
Span: Zarzaparrilla

Lat: Vitex Agnus-Castus
Eng: Chaste tree
Span: Agnocasto

Lat: Rosa Sempevirens
Eng: Evergreen Rose
Span: Rosal Silvestre

Lat: Quercus Ilex
Eng: Holm Oak
Span: Encina

Lat: Arbutus Inedo
Eng: Strawberry Tree
Span: Madroño

Lat: Crataegus monogyna
Eng: Haw thorn
Span: Majuelo

Lat: Rubus Ulmifolius
Eng: Wild Blackberry
Span: Zarza Mora

Lat: Clematis Cirrhosa
Eng: Freckless
Span: Plumajes Andaluces

Lat: Clematis Flammula
Eng: Fragrant Virgin’s Bower
Span: Azahar Bravo

Lat: Prunus Spinosa
Eng: Black Thorn, Sloe
Span: Endrino

Lat: Myrtus Communis
Eng: Myrtle
Span: Mirto

Lat: Celtis Australis
Eng: European Nettle Tree
Span: Almez

Birds in the Ecopark

SE- Sedentary:
Bird lives in the same area year through.
ES- Summer:
They spend the summer months here breeding.
HI- Hibernating:
Arrives in the autumn and stays through the winter months.
Only present while passing through during the migrant months of spring and autumn.

Order: Anseriformes · Family: Anatidae

Lat: Anas Platyrhynchos –SE-
Eng: The Mallard
Mall: Coll Blau
Span: Ánade Azulon

Order: Falconiforme · Family: Falconidae

Lat: Falco Tinnunculus –SE-
Eng: Common Kestrel
Mall: Xoriguer
Span: Cernícolo Común

Order: Ciconiiformes · Family: Ardeidae

Lat: Ardea Cinerea -HI-
Eng: Grey Heron
Mall: Agro d’hivern
Span: Garza Real

Order: Charadriiformes · Family: Scolopacidae

Lat: Scolopax Rusticola –HI-
Eng: Eurasian Woodcock
Mall: Coga
Span: Chocha Perdiz

Order: Columbiformes · Family: Columbidae

Lat: Streptopelia Turtur –ES-
Eng: Turtle Dove
Mall: Tórtera
Span: Tórtola Común

Order: Gallifomes · Family: Rallidae

Lat: Gallinula Chloropus –SE-
Eng:  Common Moorhen or Swamp chicken
Mall: Gallineta d’aigua
Span: Gallineta Común

Lat: Streptopelia Decaocto –SE-
Eng: Eurasian Collared Dove
Mall: Tórtera Oriental
Span: Tortola Turca

Lat: Cuculus Canorus –ES-
Eng: Common Cuckoo
Mall: Cucui
Span: Cuco

Family: Tytonidae
Lat: Tyto Alba
Eng: Barn Owl
Mall: Òliba
Span: Lechuza Blanca

Family: Tytonidae
Lat: Otus Scops –SE-
Eng: Eurasian Scops Owl
Mall: Mussol
Span: Autillo

Family: Strigidae
Lat: Asio Otus –SE-
Eng: Long-eared Owl
Mall: Mussol Reial
Span: Buho Chico

Order: Caprimulgiformes · Family: Caprimulgidae

Lat: Caprimulgus Europaeus –ES-
Eng: European Nightjar
Mall: Enganapastors
Span: Chotacabras Europeo

Order: Apodiformes · Family: Apodidae

Lat: Apus Apus –ES-
Eng: Common Swift
Mall: Falcia
Span: Vencejo

Order: Coraciiformes

Family: Alcedinidae
Lat: Alcedo Atthis –MI-
Eng: Common Kingfisher
Mall: Arner
Span: Martín Pescador

Lat: Jynx Torquilla –SE-
Eng: Eurasian Wryneck
Mall: Formiguer
Span: Torcecuellos

Family: Sturnidae
Lat: Sturnus Vulgaris –HI-
Eng: Common Starling
Mall: Estornell
Span: Estornino Pinto

Family: Upupidae
Lat: upupa Epops –SE-
Eng: Hoopoe
Mall: Puput
Span: Abubilla

Family: Alaudidae
Lat: Calandrella Brachydactyla –ES-
Eng: Greater Short-toed Lark
Mall: Terrolot
Span: Terrera común

Family: Alaudidae
Lat: Galerida Theklae –SE-
Eng: Thekla Lark
Mall: Cucullada
Span: Cogujada Montesina

Family: Alaudidae
Lat: Alauda Arvensis –HI-
Eng: Eurasian Skylark
Mall: Terrala
Span: Alondra Común

Family: Hirundinidae
Lat: Hirundo Rustica –ES-
Eng: Barn Swallow
Mall: Oronella
Span: Golondrina Común

Family: Hirundinidae
Lat: Delichon Urbica –ES-
Eng: Common House Martin
Mall: Cabot
Span: Avión Común

Family: Montacillae
Lat: Motacilla Flava –ES- MI-
Eng: Western yellow wagtail
Mall: Xatxero groc
Span: Lavandera Bayera

Family: Montacillae
Lat: Motacilla Alba –HI-
Eng: White wagtail
Mall: Titina
Span: Lavandera blanca

Family: Montacillae
Lat: Anthus Campestris –ES-
Eng: Tawney Pipit
Mall: Titina
Span: Bisbita Campestre

Family: Montacillae
Lat: Anthus Pratensis –HI-
Eng: Meadow Pipit
Mall: Titina Sorda
Span: Bisbita común

Family: Montacillae
Lat: Lanius senator –ES-
Eng: Woodchat Shrike
Mall: Capxerigany
Span: Alcaudón Común

Family: Troglodytidae
Lat: Troglodytes troglodytes –SE-
Eng: Eurasian Wren
Mall: Passafradi
Span: Chochín

Familia: Muscicapidae
Lat: Erithacus Rubecula –HI-
Eng: European Robin
Mall: Ropit
Span: Petirrojo

Familia: Muscicapidae
Lat: Luscinia Megarhynchos –ES-
Eng: Common Nightingale
Mall: Rossinyol
Span: Ruiseñor

Familia: Muscicapidae
Lat: Phoenicurus Ochruros –MI-HI-
Eng: Black Redstar
Mall: Cua-roja de Barraca
Span: Colirrojo Tizón

Familia: Muscicapidae
Lat: Phoenicurus Phoenicurus –MI-
Eng: Common Redstart
Mall: Cua-roja
Span: Colirrojo Común

Familia: Muscicapidae
Lat: Saxicola Torquata –SE-MI-
Eng: African Stonechat
Mall: Vitroe
Span: Tarabilla Común

Familia: Muscicapidae
Lat: Oenanthe Oenanthe –MI-
Eng: Northern Wheatear
Mall: Cua-blanca
Span: Collalba Gris

Familia: Muscicapidae
Lat: Turdus Torquatus –MI-
Eng: Ring Ouzel
Mall: Tord Flassader
Span: Mirlo Capiblanco

Familia: Muscicapidae
Lat: Turdus Merula –SE-
Eng: Common Blackbird
Mall: Mèl.lera
Span: Mirlo

Familia: Muscicapidae
Lat: Turdus Philomelos –MI-HI-
Eng: Song Thrush
Mall: Tord
Span: Zorzal Común

Familia: Muscicapidae
Lat: Sylvia Borin –MI –
Eng: Garden Warbler
Mall: Busqueret Mosquiter
Span: Curruca Mosquitera

Familia: Muscicapidae
Lat: Sylvia Atricapilla –SE-
Eng: Eurasian Blackcap
Mall: Busqueret de capell
Span: Curruca Capirotada

Familia: Muscicapidae
Lat: Sylvia Communis –MI-
Eng: Common Whitethroat
Mall: Busqueret de Batzer
Span: Curruca Zarcer

Familia: Muscicapidae
Lat: Sylvia Melanocephala –SE-
Eng: Sardinian Warbler
Mall: Busqueret de Cap Negre
Span: Curruca Cabecinegra

Familia: Muscicapidae
Lat: Sylvia Cantillans –ES-MI- Rare
Eng: Subalpine Warbler
Mall: Busqueret de Garriga
Span: Curruca Carrasqueña

Familia: Muscicapidae
Lat: Sylvia Sarda –SE-
Eng: Marmora’s Warbler
Mall: Busqueret Cuallarga
Span: Curruca Sarda

Familia: Muscicapidae
Lat: Phylloscopus Trochilus –MI-
Eng: Willow Warbler
Mall: Ull de Bou de Passa
Span: Mosquitero Musical

Familia: Muscicapidae
Lat: Phylloscopus Collybita –MI-HI-
Eng: Common Chiffchaff
Mall: Ull de Bou
Span: Mosquitero Común

Familia: Muscicapidae
Lat: Phylloscopus Sibilatrix –MI-
Eng: Wood Wabler
Mall: Ull de Bou Siulador
Span: Mosquitero silbador

Familia: Muscicapidae
Lat: Regulus Ignicapillus –SE-
Eng: Common Firecrest
Mall: Reitó Cella Blanca
Span: Reyezuelo Listado

Familia: Muscicapidae
Lat: Cisticola Juncidis –SE-
Eng: Zitting Cisticola
Mall: Butxateca
Span: Buitrón

Familia: Muscicapidae
Lat: Muscicapa Striata –ES-
Eng: Spotted flycatcher
Mall: Çacamosques
Span: Papamoscas Gris

Family: Paridae
Lat: Parus Major –SE-
Eng: Great Tit
Mall: Capferrico
Span: Carbonero Común

Family: Emberizidae
Lat: Miliaria Calendra –SE-
Eng: Corn Bunting
Mall: Sol.lera
Span: Triguero

Family: Emberizidae
Lat: Emberiza Cirlus –SE-
Mall: Hortolà De Coll Negre
Span: Escribano Soteño

Family: Fringilidae
Lat: Fringilla Coelebs –SE-
Eng: Common Chaffinch
Mall: Pinsà
Span: Pinzón

Family: Fringilidae
Lat: Serinus Serinus –SE-
Eng: European Serin
Mall: Gafarró
Span: Verdecillo

Family: Fringilidae
Lat: Carduelis Chloris –SE-
Eng: European Greenfinch
Mall: Verderol
Span: Verderón

Family: Fringilidae
Lat: Carduelis Spinus –HI-
Eng: Eurasian Siskin
Mall: Llesnet
Span: Llízano

Family: Fringilidae
Lat: Carduelis Carduelis –SE-
Eng: European Goldfinch
Mall: Cadernera
Span: Jilguero

Family: Fringilidae
Lat: Carduelis Cannabina –SE-
Eng: Common Linnet
Mall: Passarell
Span: Pardillo

Family: Fringilidae
Lat: Loxia Curvirostra –SE-
Eng: Red Crossbill
Mall: Trencapinyons
Span: Piquituerto

Family: Ploceidae
Lat: Passer Domesticus –SE-
Eng: House Sparrow
Mall: Teulader
Span: Gorrion Común

Family: Oriolidae
Lat: Oriolus Oriolus –MI-
Eng: Eurasian Golden Oriole
Mall: Oriol
Span: Oropéndola

It is time to join hands, come together, and be part of a prosperous eco-community with people like you- nature lovers and pioneers; people that create, work, enjoy and share the same values; people who are eager to establish an innovative ecological community.

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