Sigal Weiss, who has been living in Mallorca for the last several years, has drawn inspiration for the Huella Verde Mallorca project after gaining a fare share of experience in the field of real-estate social entrepreneurship and management.

…”I was born in a collective community in Israel – called Kibbutz. It was as utopian socialism community, a unique lifestyle, a plural collective community based on agriculture“…

In 1988 she joined a group of friends and started a community in the city of Jaffa, Israel, next to the thriving city of Tel Aviv. The idea was to create a domestic neighbourhood complex that combined with its members’ business enterprises in a crumbling crime-ridden area next to the Jaffa Flea Market – designated for conservation by the municipality’s master scheme.
​The group was composed of architects, photographers, filmmakers, journalists and designers, people from a well-established socio-economical class.

Each family acquired and renovated a property; some of the properties needed to be rebuilt and comply with conservation laws. Besides moving there to live and opening a new business, Weiss and other group leaders devoted themselves to the development of their surroundings. They created a public park, a playground and a basketball court for the benefit of the local neighbourhood.


Today, 25 years later, the area is bustling and full of life with many new residents and dozens of different businesses, coupled with quality construction that has turned the area into a prime residential location.

“We turned the area into a prime residential location”

The project won the honourable Ayalon Prize in 2000 thanks to its social, economic and environmental contributions.


In 1997, with the same idea of communal creativity, Weiss joined her life partner in the artists’ village of Ein Hod on Mt. Carmel.
Ein Hod was established in 1953 by painter Marcel Janko, whose idea was to attract active young artists to the village, where they could off their art in the spirit of the Dada movement.

“in the spirit of the Dada movement, alongside the private workshops, gallery, concert hall….all abundant with nature”

Today, 61 years later, the village is a tourist gem and a real estate attraction.
Alongside the private workshops, there are galleries, concert hall, restaurants, holiday  accommodations – all abundant with nature. 10 Ein Hod residents have won the prestigious Israel Prize in the field of the arts. See the Web


The Huella Verde Mallorca Project have found suitable land for this project, which has already undergone major development and has the required infrastructure.

“A designated multi-purpose artistic learning environment, an art gallery, a theatre and a music center, a kindergarten, a sports center with a public swimming pool, an ecological shopping area and pharmacy, vacation villas, a bar and an organic restaurant, all to be designed according to our environmental principles”.

These two successful ‘entrepreneurial communities’ – that Weiss was proud to be part of and helped build – gave her the inspiration for the Huella Verde project in Mallorca. In the light of her experience, Weiss believes that the new settlement will share communal lifestyle and entrepreneurial spirit, maintaining uniqueness in the living space: natural surroundings, agricultural fields, clear seas. And, not less important, it will be a community supporting its members, and promoting their businesses, empowering each individual and the community as a whole.
…“Now we promoting an initiative of “silicon valley” sustainable eco-development that offers a new way of working and living in 120 energy saving innovative eco-houses with working spaces for eco-developers and other creative minds. Huella Verde Mallorca, as we think, offers a contemporary mixture of living, working, leisure and shopping that wishes to make a difference on the planet”…

Working and living together in Mallorca for the sake of the planet and the next generation in the most cooperative way. Consisted of 120 houses, where each house has an additional space for either an office, a shop, or other business related function – The Village offers its residents a unique Entrepreneurship Center, in which every individual would have the opportunity to develop his own work with the assistance of local professionals. This Center aims to encourage and nurture enterprises set up in our village – so that people can live, work and play here.

Each house has an additional space for either an office, a shop, or other business related function, which enables every owner to establish and develop an active business alongside his home.
In the heart of the settlement there is a designated multi-purpose artistic learning space, as well as an entrepreneurship center where professionals from the community can give their advice to other members.
Right now, we have secured the land, which has already undergone major development and has the required infrastructure. We are also in the processes of finishing the detailed planning; including the living units with connected studios, the public spaces and the entrepreneurial center.

The Huella Verde Mallorca Team is looking for people who are committed to sustainable eco-living ideas and share our community values.

It is time to join hands, come together, and be part of a prosperous eco-community with people like you- nature lovers and pioneers; people that create, work, enjoy and share the same values; people who are eager to establish an innovative ecological community.

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