Working and living together in Mallorca for the sake of the planet and the next generation in the most cooperative way.

Are you looking for a supportive community, wanting more connection with your neighbours and to live in a sustainable, beautiful environment? Huella Verde – Eco Village For Creative People in Palma de Mallorca – is the place for you.

We, at Huella Verde Village, aim to build a thriving diverse community of people of all ages. The layout will encourage neighbourly interaction while respecting people’s privacy.

Consisted of 120 houses, where each house has an additional space for either an office, a shop, or other business related function – The Village offers its residents a unique Entrepreneurship Center, in which every individual would have the opportunity to develop his own work with the assistance of local professionals. This Center aims to encourage and nurture enterprises set up in our village – so that people can live, work and play here.

But this is only one aspect of the village supportive ecosystem that enable the residents to use the joint resources for the benefit of their own goal as well as for the common good.

Being cooperative means that wasted water will be collected for the village common use; Small electric public vehicles will serve the inhabitants and their guests; Vegetables and herbs will be grown on vertical walls; Green energy will be produced from roof solar panels and and compost will be produced in advanced recycling systems – all for public and private use.

The village also aims to actively promote physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. We will pursue activities and facilities to develop good health and open mind – In a designated multi-purpose artistic learning environment, an art gallery, a theatre and a music center, a kindergarten, a sports center with a public swimming pool – all to be designed according to our environmental and communal principles.

We will set up flexible systems to oversee the necessary changes to our evolving village and to encourage ongoing, fresh initiative and enterprise. We will support a diversity of activities, new thoughts and perspectives to keep the energy of the village alive.

Working in harmony with nature and people, promises a long and prominent continuity for the sake of the next generations.

It is time to join hands, come together, and be part of a prosperous eco-community with people like you- nature lovers and pioneers; people that create, work, enjoy and share the same values; people who are eager to establish an innovative ecological community.

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