Bathing in the breathtaking heartland of Palma de Mallorca, the Huella Verde settlement offers you more than a place to live. Each of its 120 units reflects the most advanced construction green and radiant free solutions, integrating water, food and energy systems under one roof – all come together in purity and perfection.

Each unit will be designed and built according to its residents needs; size, orientation, energy consumption, wind direction and gardening – from ornamental plants and flowers to fruits and vegetables.

Taking into account the considerable time we spend in our house, a special emphasis will be given to new heating, cooling and water consumption systems, using innovative technologies and high-quality products.

Each home will have a gray water purification system; the ornamental gardens will be watered by gray recycled water, monitored by soil moisture and weather sensors. These water will also be used to flush toilets.

Another recycling system will be installed in each unit, allowing the residents to decompose the waste and use it as odor-free cooking biogas and liquid fertilizers.

Innovative solar systems will be installed – e.g. Tesla green shingles – storing energy from the sun in the most effective and economical way.

Energy saving green roofs and vertical gardens will help the residents to establish a comprehensive ecosystem in the new settlement, putting it on the cutting edge of eco-housing developments.

It is time to join hands, come together, and be part of a prosperous eco-community with people like you- nature lovers and pioneers; people that create, work, enjoy and share the same values; people who are eager to establish an innovative ecological community.

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