The Business Center of Huella Verde supports the startups of the community and offers the village residents the best support to express their creativity and vision. The Business Center will host as well international startups coming from outside and offer them Mentoring Programs. The MENTOR and BUSINESS CENTER MANAGER are KEY for the Community and the concept.

Our team is looking for an Entrepreneur/Mentor to take over the Business Center for Green Startups of Huella Verde

My name is Pauline Rousse and I am responsible for finding the Mentor of the Business Center and setting up the Business Center of Huella Verde Mallorca for our 120 community members and external startups coming for the Mentoring Program.
Please contact me directly here: / +34 682 436 072

To know more about Pauline

Born in Paris, I received my formal education in Business Administration at the University of Paris and EM Strasbourg Business School (F). After moving to Zürich in 2004, I used to work as a consultant in IT and in Luxury Real estate for 12 years.

My interest for people and medicine eventually led me to a career as a Life & Spiritual Coach. As owner of the company GoneBest GmbH in Zürich, I used to coach and to spread information in the world with for instance the online congress about Healing „Heal Revolution“ and the online TV «Aufstiegs TV».

2017 I had a vision of a community and as I moved to Mallorca 2018 and interviewed Sigal Weiss, I knew that my next work here was to help her to build a community, an international model in Europe where creators and startups can invent & develop tools and services for our planet Earth. A unique community for eco entrepreneurs from all over the world will birth in Mallorca and show another way of co-living and co-working with Love & Genius. I am absolutely convinced that our planet needs us NOW and that Huella Verde Mallorca offers one big step in that direction.


Thanks to the massive experience and know-how of its mentors, the center aims to accompany the local entrepreneurs in their first steps in the startup world until the execution of their prototype. This professional greenhouse aspires to leverage the skills and enthusiasm of its members in order to develop innovative and eco-friendly products for the benefit of the environment and the people’s good.

By integrating both their spiritual and intellectual forces, the village residents can enhance their ability to communicate and create in one of the most thriving eco-communities this world has to offer, by living, creating and playing in the same place, People from varied nations and cultures can build a tolerant and fruitful future for the next generations.

The village itself, minutes away from Mallorca’s airport, is waiting for you in the heart of the sunny island, surrounded by the inspiring mediterranean fauna and flora, bathing between greeny slopes and ancient olive trees.

Wouldn’t it be great to share your vision and fulfill your dreams with people like you?

Our Business Center for green startups:

  • 1 Mentor and Manager with his own team
  • A Campus for green startups specialized in the topics of waste generation, water use, food consumption, energy utilisation, sun energy, air pollution and agriculture.
  • 250 m2 to work and experience (offices for you and your experts, meeting rooms, amphitheater for lectures with translators, land, green house etc…)
  •  Located at a place with a lot of sun and light, with an excellent earth for agriculture and the sea at the door
  • An amazing infrastructure in the middle of an international eco-village : sport place, swimming pool, spa, international school, Kindergarden etc …
  • Located in one of the most beautiful place of the world in Mallorca
  • Located 15 min from airport and 15 min from Palma and from beach
  • Benefits from the marketing of our eco-village like the successful project of Ein Hod 

Matthieu Zeilas

If you are a startup and you want to be part of our Business Center (hosting and mentoring programs), please contact us directly here:

If you are searching fo a co-living place as a startup wanting to join our Business Center and Mentoring Program, please contact our official Co-living Partner Matthieu Zeilas directly here: +33 6 64 27 14 96 or

It is time to join hands, come together, and be part of a prosperous eco-community with people like you- nature lovers and pioneers; people that create, work, enjoy and share the same values; people who are eager to establish an innovative ecological community.

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