Today, I confess that I am very pleased to let you know how I feel since I knew I was going to work at home on my own, but also near some other people, my neighbours.

I think this people will help me to be more creative, because they are all from different industries and they can provide some new ideas to the project I have in mind. I am involved in the online world, as I wish to start an online platform with different properties for rent and I know that there will be some neighbours specialised in the Sales industry or even in Marketing Assistance. I am trying to acquire this knowledge, but I consider they could maybe help me to reach it with some tips in the meanwhile. They will also help me to work in a more open-minded environment, which will allow me to be more efficient in my job or even earn more money.

All of us will work in our own home, but will provide support to anyone who needs it in any moment to finish our projects and get the success we wish, because we are living together and not alone. It will create synergies between us and fun as well, because we will organise different events together, such as thematic coffee breaks. We will have our little professional family, as the community we are. This is one of the main reasons why I chose Huella Verde Mallorca.

I still remember how the general reaction was some time ago whenever we heard the co- working word… It was like what the hell are you talking about? Even I reacted like this when I heard about it for the first time. I cannot deny it. However, it was some years ago. Of course, things have changed and now it has become a new way to work where independent professional people that are not working for the same industry, work together in a common area.

In my case, I am very proud of my personal choice, because one of the main premises the Huella Verde Mallorca’s project has is this one: co-working. Everyone will work on their own, as freelances, but will have a space in their own home to work and develop their business.

Moreover, I am so happy, because in my community there will not be more than three different professionals from the same industry, which will allow us to rely on our neighbours and their good faith, to learn about some new procedures if needed that we are not used to take into account and to expand the different ideas we have for several situations.

Co-working spaces inspire creativity and synergies that results from the proximity and collaboration of people having the same values and way of life. New ideas are challenged and problems are solved in a shared environment. I consider that the concept of living and working “together” will reinforce our relationships and will let us feel that we will never walk alone, what sounds fantastic!! Doesn’t it?

Written by María E.